10 Ways To Improve Your E-commerce Store On This Festival


Celebrations are the most awaited occasion when individuals get time to praise the moment with their friends and family isn’t it?

Blessings, new dresses, desserts, beautification, companions, family, visitors and the above all, shopping no doubt. In this festival season if you are planning to make your e-commerce business more functional then we can help you out and increase your sales lead. Festivals are the real-time for the mega sales for your e-commerce store and generate the sales lead. You can update the multi-functional features of your e-commerce store and grow your business in this festive season.

One of the important factors you should try Magento2 e-commerce developer of Pin Blooms Technology to update your e-commerce and give the multi-feature for your e-commerce store so that a large number of customers can visit your store.

We can update your e-commerce completely with the minimum period and install the new feature on your e-commerce store. We can upgrade the following new features to your store:

1. More Secure:

One of the important factors over here is store security as a large number of visitors visit your store and hacker maybe attacking your store which affects your consumer transaction and breaks the store security. As while the payment methods if your store has security issues then probably more chances for attackers to attack your store. We can update your store and install the security patches for your e-commerce store and protect it with the threatening.

2. Speed:

As you also know the traffic rate in your store with this festival now chances are here that your store becomes slow with the high traffic rate. To overcome this issue you need to ensure that your store works properly with the proper response time.

3. Mobile-Friendly Store:

Your e-commerce is responsive to other devices like mobiles, tablets or other screens. Now many people visit e-commerce to their phones instead of using a desktop or laptop. Make sure your e-commerce store will be properly responsive to the mobile view accordingly.

4. Customer Support:

With this festival season there are numbers of visitors or consumers who buy many things for your store and chances are they need your customer support to solve their queries properly regarding the return or buying products.

You can provide strong customer support to your consumers to increase more sales lead.

5. Better shipping:

With the shipping make sure the product can deliver to the consumer on the time after the product successfully placed. You can update your shopping features on your e-commerce store.

6. Discount coupons:

You can increase your sales generation with the discount coupons options and increase sales lead. You can update these features on the payment method which can attract the consumer.

7. Better Tracking Analytics and Reporting:

For the better tracking and analytics of the product make sure your admin panel has the feature to analysis product review reports and more. You can look for the total sales and refunded invoice.

8. Order Management:

You will receive so many orders from a different state and now the important task is to manage the order accordingly. Make sure you have the viewing, creating, editing and fulfilling orders directly from the admin panel. Use email notification, RSS feed for fresh orders and more.

9. Fully SEO Centered:

One of the important aspects over here is that your e-commerce store support fully SEO centered and search engine friendly URLs. Make sure your e-commerce support easy to meta-tag products and information.

10. Catalog Management:

Whatever you are selling from your store like beauty products, electronics, clothing your catalog is an important key component for your e-commerce store. Make sure your store supports virtual products and allow downloading digital products also ensure you have RSS feed.


Now you can see the festival is very important for your e-commerce store to generate more sales lead. Hence you can improvise your store by keeping these points in mind and grow your store with a huge number of traffic. We can update and customize your e-commerce store for the update new feature and customize your store according to your requirements.