Dear Valued Visitors, We are excited to announce that our company, formerly known as Seven Webepower , will now be operating under the new name of Pin Blooms Technology Pvt. Ltd.

WordPress Upgradation Services

We are a top-notch WordPress development company that delivers reliable WordPress Upgradation services to our worldwide clients. We help you to get a seamless experience and effective online presence with our WordPress Upgradation service.

Our Seamless WordPress Upgrade Services

Do you want to upgrade your WordPress website to the latest version? If yes, you are in the right place. Our seamless WordPress upgradation services help your website to maintain security, speed, and compatibility. The newest version of WordPress always brings additional features to fixes all the problems from the previous versions. It will also keep your website secure from unwanted or malicious code as well as make your website faster.

Pin Blooms Technology is specialized in delivering world-class WordPress Upgradation Services without getting any error with fully WordPress backup services. Our certified WordPress developers have expertise in offering cutting-edge upgradation solutions for a global clientele. As well, it takes time and patience to carry out necessary backups. We will update or edit the code if required to maintain the security of the WordPress website.


Our Fully Customized WordPress Upgradation Development Services

Regular WordPress Upgradation

Our certified WordPress developers offer reliable WordPress update services to our clients. As well, we also offer the best WordPress Speed Optimization service to make your site faster. We will make your WordPress site more efficient with our upgradation service.

Plugin Customization & Configuration

Our proficient team delivers the best services related to WordPress Plugin updates. Additionally, we offer proficient plugin customization development or plugin configuration as per the clients’ requirements.

Plugin & Themes Upgradation

Plugin upgradation is a very essential part of WordPress. It can affect your website if it shows any error during the upgrading process. In our WordPress upgradation service, we can update your plugin as well as themes when the updates come up.

Full WordPress Support

Our professional WordPress developers offer full WordPress plugin support to our clients. We monitor all the plugins and provide proper guidance to our clients.

Why you need to Upgrade your website?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems around the world. Therefore, the massive community of contributors is working continuously to improve it. However, it is very important to keep your WordPress website safe and secure. That’s why it provides many updates throughout the year.
our experienced developers have expertise in WordPress upgradation services that will keep your website secure from malicious code:-
  • Website Security:- Security is one of the important reasons to keep your website up to date. Our certified WordPress developers always prevent your websites from being exploited through hackers or any other malicious code. We successfully upgrade your WordPress installation as soon as a security fix is released.
  • Compatibility:- If you install a new plugin in an older version of WordPress websites, that may require the latest version of WordPress to work correctly. That’s why you need to upgrade your older version of WordPress websites and get the amazing features that are introduced in the newer version.
  • Speed:- We are a team of certified WordPress developers that keep your site up to date that will provide you better user experiences as well as improve your site’s search engine ranking.
  • New Features:- Every major release of WordPress includes amazing features that are tailored to improve user experiences. Our Proficient developers successfully upgrade the WordPress site to get amazing features.

Why Choose Our WordPress Upgrade Services?

With 10+ years of experience, we empower your web presence with our leading WordPress Upgradation Services. We hold a high value for being a reliable technology partner. We avail our services on an hourly basis or full-time basis.
Get high-end experience

We have a team of experienced and certified developers who deliver the high-end experience with our WordPress Upgradation services. We always keep ensuring your website secure from malicious code.

Certified WordPress Team

We have a powerful and dedicated team of WordPress programmers who are well versed with WordPress upgradation service. We hold proven skills that offer customized solutions for ever-increasing growth.

Zero Downtime

Our proficient team of designers and developers always makes sure that your WordPress site is in a stable state during the upgradation process.

24*7 Website Update Monitoring

Our professional team always monitors your website and ensures it remains up and running 24*7. However, if for any reason it goes down, we will fix it for you ASAP.