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Magento 2 Web API is the key feature of Magento that is used to communicate third-party services with the Magento platform. Basically, it provides a mechanism where developers can create a customer account, product report through web services. Magento Web API framework support REST (Representational State Transfer), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), and GraphQL (Graph Query Language). The merchants can configure any third-party application as a web API by using XML code in the webapi.xml configuration file. Moreover, the web API framework supports field filtering responses to save mobile bandwidth. Along with this, you can run multiple services at once with the help of integration-style web APIs.

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The key feature of the Magento2 API framework


The key feature of the Magento2 API framework

The key feature of Magento2 API Framework are :-
  • Magento2 supports REST( representational State Transfer) and SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol)
  • There are three types of authentication available
  • Third-party authentication
  • Mobile application authentication using tokens
  • Login based authentication for administrator and customers both
  • Magento API also check request authorization to use resource
  • Any third party service can be configured as a web API by adding a few lines of code in the .xml file
  • Magento2 API framework mainly relies on two models such as Search and CRUD, but it does not support webhooks
  • Magento 2 API provides web API response field filtering to conserve mobile bandwidth
  • The best part of the Magento API framework that any Single API call can run multiple webs at a particular time

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REST stands for Representational State Transfer. It is a set of rules that are designed to take benefits from existing protocols. It is an architectural style that provides standards between computer systems on the web. So, it helps the systems to communicate with each other with ease. REST API allows you to develop an API that meets your diverse customers’ needs.
REST API is known for its flexible architecture that allows various other messaging formats such as HTML, XML, JSON, and many more. REST is quite a lightweight API in comparison to SOAP and is capable of loading pages in few seconds.


SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is an XML-based protocol to access web services over HTTP. It has some specifications that allow the distributed elements to communicate with the application.
SOAP is applied to the enterprise-level web service that requires a complex level transaction—for example, API for financial services, identity management, payment gateway, and other telecommunication. It is an official protocol that comes along with strict rules and advanced security features like built-in ACID compliance and authorization.


GraphQL is a query language and a server-side runtime for APIs to fulfill all the queries with your existing data. GraphQL is fast because it manages the data that they receive, not the server.
In other words, it is an API design architecture but comes in the market with a different approach, and it is more flexible in comparison to others. It can access the properties of one resource as well as follow the references between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Magento2 API is the architecture that allows developer and integrator in an immeasurable manner to get maximum output from the web services by interacting with the Magento System.
There are three types of authentications available in the Magento2 API: third-party authentication, token-based authentication, and credential-based authentication.
No, Magento2 API fully supports SOAP, REST and GraphQL.
First, you have to create a web service user on Magento admin, then create new integration on Magento admin and last, configure the authentication.