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In this article we are sharing some tricks to Hire Magento Developer for your business and helps you to achieve heights. Hire e-Commerce Developer India who have core knowledge of procedures expected for custom Magento development for all size projects.

Even in today’s digital world, it’s not easy to create a perfect e-commerce site given the many platforms and their different functions. But if you choose the platform that fits your needs and use it correctly, building your site will be very easy. To help you, we have chosen the 4 best e-commerce platforms: PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. What are their particularities and what to watch out for? We will discover it in the Magento eCommerce development company!


Magento is an open-source platform already widespread in e-commerce. It is powerful and has a flexible shopping cart system that will undoubtedly please your customers. Its performance is fast, which will facilitate the loading and will positively influence the ranking of your website in the search engines. Do not forget that this platform offers several customization options, so that you can edit your website easily and quickly. Another essential point is its visual design. It is elegant and catchy, which always brings a first good impression on your web pages to all your customers.

Magento offers a wide range of plugins and templates to create your site in just a few clicks. You can create your own templates or use prefabricated adaptive Magento themes. Regarding the service, a team is always available 24/24 in case of concern for professional help and launch your online store easily. You can hire e-Commerce developer to help you create your own dream store.


For starters, PrestaShop is one of the famous e-commerce platforms written in the PHP programming language. It is free, very fast, and therefore perfect for launching small and medium-sized online stores. PrestaShop is also known for its ease of use and clear structure, so you can use it even if you have no programming skills. However, this platform has a small number of customization options. So, if you want to build a great online store You Can Hire e-Commerce Developer india, this will make your site slower and less friendly. However, it seems quite simple and elegant, which will certainly please all your customers.

In addition, PrestaShop provides you with the default base theme, but of course, you can create your own theme. There are also many ready-made templates and plugins that will enhance the functionality of your site. For example, you can find PrestaShop business modules and good themes with an attractive design as well as a clean structure. You can install the extensions immediately from your admin panel or create your own.

PrestaShop is an ideal platform for small projects and online shops. It provides all customers with technical support. And if you choose ready-made themes, you’ll also benefit from lifetime support and useful online chat directly from the provider’s website.


It’s one of the best eCommerce platforms for WordPress to create an ideal online store in a fast and easy way. By choosing WooCommerce, you will get everything you need and no longer need to buy all the options, because you will be able to choose the necessary options only. And do you know that WooCommerce is an open-source platform? This means that there are no restrictions to change everything you want. The design is clear, well built and your customers will  immediately know how to navigate.

To create a website using prefabricated templates, you can Hire e-Commerce  Developer india or buy WooCommerce themes and use them immediately. The adaptive WooCommerce themes help you set up your business online and create a great site for your store. It also provides your customers with effective support in 18 countries around the world. In case you use TemplateMonster ready templates, you will be able to contact a professional support team at any time, directly on the official website.


Shopify can be defined in 3 words: fast, responsive and reliable. This e-commerce platform was created for novice and experienced computer programmers as well as website owners. Shopify is not free, but you can try it for 14 days at no cost. Nevertheless, the price remains accessible to all.

This platform can handle a large number of articles, allowing you to expand your business and manage a large online store without any problem. There are different customization options to fit your needs. Its design is also up to date, a good point to reach the maximum of customers.

If you would like to build your site on the most powerful eCommerce platform, then Hire e-Commerce Developer India, leading Magento eCommerce development company to handle your project.