How To Turn Your GOOGLE SHOPPING From Zero To Hero


What Is Google Shopping?

Google has started its own shopping website like amazon and flip-kart. You can also shopping from google. google says that the shopping trend will be changed by the given filter. Google has launched ten categories which is phones, man clothing, woman clothing, books, watches, makeup, accessories, personal care and home decor.

Google has tied up with the e-commerce companies like Flip-kart, Amazon, Snapdeals, Club Factory Along with this, Google has added small and medium enterprises to its network. According to Google, machine learning will also be used to improve the shopping experience.

Google has inserted a shopping tab in it’s website. First of all, let us tell you what is tab, for example as the user searches any product in Google, as always some options appear to him like All, Images, Map, Video and News: these all are tabs. With the help of these tabs, the user can search for a specific object Just like if the user has to see the images, then by clicking on the “Images” tab, user can see only the images And if the user only saw the video, clicking on the “Videos” tab can only see Videos same as to see all things like this, you can see everything by clicking on the “All” tab.

Like all these tabs, Google has inserted a “Shopping” tab, by clicking on this tab user can buy what he/her wants to buy. Google shopping tab will allow you to choose the product on google page with the help of filter.

What Google said about this new feature

“Make your shopping easier with new Google Shopping service search experience. This is a personalized and engaging experience that will help you easily select through offers, review prices from various retailers and find that matching product. This experience will get enriched with usage and is available across numerous Google products: the first experience is a made-to-browse (think window shopping!) experience on the completely new Shopping home page.

We are also making the same experience to be experienced by users with entry level phones, via a Progressive Web App (PWA). Furthermore, starting today, you will also now see a new Shopping tab on the famous Google Search. Finally we are introducing the most awaited Style Search in Google Lens, a completely novel visual approach for searching the products you are on the hunt for”.

Google Lens will united with Google Shopping service, so if you click a product in the real world using Google Lens, you will see contingent results that will let you find and purchase same and identical products. Google shopping service experience is available on both mobile and desktop as well as via a Progressive Web App (PWA).