Improve your Data Structure & Algorithms, and Programming Skills


Are you having the problem of developing the data structures or are you having a problem coding it once you have it developed?

This article will share some of the important factors that you need to understand while developing the algorithm or developed the programs.

Data Structure

Data Structures like arrays, linked list, queue, stack, binary tree, etc exist. A language like Java or C++ has already implemented them for the most part and APIs exist which can be used in any program or application. Based on need, a specific data structure can be selected.
Understanding the implementation of such data structures is a good way of understanding how they work, their disadvantages and advantages.


Algorithms are the practical application of theoretical knowledge in computer science. Solving the complex problem into step by step solutions and computing the complexity. We can implement it in any programming language of our choice.

The major points you need to understand

1. Increase knowledge of Data structures: This learning various DS is even more important since you can’t code yet, which is ok. Understanding their time & space complexities will be good here.

2. Then, Increase knowledge of Algorithms: After doing point #1, you can now think this way: “yes, I can use that Data structure here.”, which will again solve your algorithms sooner.

3. Focus more time on learning new DS & A: Try to focus and spend more time with DSA with practical examples and developing the small programs to achieve the bigger one.

Programming Skills

Some important tips to improve your programming skills are:

1. Analyze existing code
2. Implement your ideas
3. Go on to more complex tasks
4. If you want to learn faster, then write more code
5. Read programming books

This you need to be confident for the particular language you are learning, for this follow some steps:

1. Personal Projects: Try to work on the projects so you can implement more and that furthermore improve your programming skillsTask:- Try to work on the live task of the particular projects so that you can aware of the new things.


At the end of the day, however, there are no shortcuts. But try to find the solution to real-world problems. If you in the learning phase of the Data structures and algorithms, you need to understand and start from the basic concept and dry to expand your knowledge with the concept to programming skills and with the implementation of the algorithms.