Laravel vs WordPress for your Web Application


Laravel vs WordPress for your Web Application

If you are running the business and looking to build the next project for your company, you have likely asked this question often- what will be the best to build this project like PHP Laravel Framework or WordPress.


Laravel is open source PHP web framework. It is based on Model View Controller architecture. Laravel is a bit complex as compared to the WordPress. It has a great built in capabilities for the development of the web application.

Laravel is usually the top pick for your project

  • Building an Authentication system.
  • Integration with Authorization and Mail services.
  • Fixing the Technical issues in the web application.
  • URL routing to manage the different web pages and provide the maintenance of web application.
  • Laravel is the MVC based framework and provides to keep the business logic and view separately.
  • Inbuilt Testing work.
  • Laravel is a framework and it is really quick and fast for the web development and referred to as better and improved framework of the PHP.


WordPress is an open source content management system for the web application. It is simpler as compared to Laravel. It has features like plugin architecture for the development. The functionalities of the application can be extended using different plugins.

WordPress is usually the top pick for your project

  • If you are looking to build the content management website projects like blogs, newspapers, content data based websites then WordPress is a good choice.
  • WordPress uses the plugins to develop the web application according to the requirements and functionalities.
  • If you are looking to develop the prototype of the application with fast speed then WordPress would be a good choice.
  • WordPress is referred as mainly slow because of the use of too many plugins in the application. The important thing is there is if we are using the strong and better plugin than a performance of the WordPress is also fast and quick with less response time.

Conclusion Laravel Vs WordPress

Laravel and WordPress both have different purpose of use in the web application project. Both are written in the PHP Programming Language and use according to the requirements and the type of application.

  • Laravel is the framework or set of rules that we need to follow while developing the web application project.
  • WordPress is a ready made solution Like Plugin for the development of the application.
  • Laravel is more costly than other framework and required the experienced developer for the application.
  • WordPress is more friendly as compared to Laravel application.
  • If you are looking to develop the more dynamic websites in less time than WordPress is a good selection for the project.
  • WordPress is available in more than 70 languages and easy upgradation of the application.
  • Laravel integrate with tools for making app faster and have the in-build functionalities of task scheduling management.
  • WordPress have the features like in-build SEO and thousands of themes and plugins.