Magento 1 Support Ended in June 2020, Yet to Update Your Site?

magento 1 end of life

What happens when we reach End of life for Magento 1

If you are using Magento 1 then it will be dangerous for your online eCommerce business. As per the official Magento website, support on Magento 1 stop from june 2020 onwards. That means Magento 1 will no longer provide the quality fixes, security patches and no modules available on their official Magento marketplace after this date. If you are still using Magento 1, it’s time to migrate to Magento 2. Otherwise, your site will go under vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacks.

There is already the number of developers who have shifted their focus from Magento 1 to Magento 2 development. So it’s mean development & maintenance would be high and also thousands of merchants have already migrated to Magento 2 and those who fail to upgrade Magento 1 to Magento 2 are at risk of running onto unsupported software and security risks.

Magento 2 provides an infrastructure that is easier to maintain and support plus a vast amount of built-in features that are not available in Magento 1.

What will happen when you continue with Magneto 1 after EOL:

  • The most important reason is to prevent security breaches and hacks.
  • There will be an increase in support costs.
  • From the date that Magento stops releasing security patches, Your store will start to degrade and decay.
  • Losing PCI compliance means you can’t compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
  • The performance of your site can be down.
  • Take time will be longer to do routine updates.
  • After july 7, 2020, Magento 1 extensions are not available in the Magento Marketplace and will be removed from the Magento repository after august 6, 2020.
  • Magento 1 official documentation not available online onward.
  • Use Magento 1 after end of life Magento will not take care of any bugs and issues found with Magento 1.X stores.
  • There will be no official support for merchants and developers.
  • There will be no new features or improvements to existing features.

What you need to do:

June 2020 passed, it’s time to migrate to either Magento 2 or another platform.Here are a number of Magento support services available to migrate your site. When you are going with Magento 2, this is built on a completely different architecture. Magento 2 is an awesome platform, but upgrade essentially requires the same amount of works but there are many benefits to re-platforming to Magento 2:

  • Magento 2 using the strengthened hashing algorithms that improve security.
  • Offers faster page loading that making it easier and quicker for customers.
  • Supports optimized mobile SEO features that will be helpful in the ranking.
  • Magento 2 dashboard is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • Magento 2 has a better customer experience. it integrated instant purchases feature, which optimizes the checkout.

Another number of benefits are available that increase the usability of magneto 2. Magento 2 is best for today’s modern eCommerce environment and also provides more effective visibility into their online business.

You can choose any one scenario among of following three when migrate your website into Magento 2:

  • Use same design/layout without any changes. In this case customer will not notify that you changed the platform. There is no impact on frontend for your existing customers. It would recommend when your selling is high with current layout (as customer like the existing design) then why we change it.
  • Try with new design/layout to give your customers new experience. We can go with PSD to Magento conversion or choose any ready-made theme.
  • Go with 1st scenario with little amendment.

Be careful when you are going to migrate into Magento 2 from Magento 1 or other platforms:

There are many challenges you may face during migration.

  • Losing important database information, when the non-tech person is going to try migration without the help of developers then the number of information can be lost like a customer, product, orders details.
  • Losing the SEO ranking, when you are going with migration, URLs could be changed of products, categories, CMS pages that will be affected on SEO ranking.

So for safety purpose takes a backup of your current site with databases and keeps a copy on your local drive as well when you are going to migrate your site into Magento 2

We are also offering following Magento services:

  • Migration into Magneto 2 from any ecommerce platform.
  • PSD to Magento theme development.
  • Magento Maintenance service.
  • Magento optimization and speed up.
  • Magento compatible server configuration service.
  • Magento custom module development.
  • Magento Web services REST & SOAP.
  • Android & iOS ecommerce app with Magento store.


Migrating or upgrading from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not a simple task of running some script codes or commands. The timeline you have set to achieve your business goal is affected by your decision to re-platform or just upgrade to Magento 2. The instant decision would be highly worthy as Magento 1 support is stopped now.

If you are already connected with Magento 2, congratulations, then you don’t need to worry. And if you are still connected with Magento 1 then you need to start planning to migrate in Magento 2.

Feel free to contact with us to migrate your store into Magento 2.