Mastering Magento SEO; Boosting Visibility and driving traffic

Mastering Magento SEO; Boosting Visibility and driving traffic

The retail world gets bigger and better with each passing day. And, so do the complexities!

Since the current retail sector is driven by e-commerce, it needs efficient tools and a strong online presence. An efficient tool like Magento can help you open the pool of possibilities for your online store.

What is Magento?

An open-source E-commerce platform created by Adobe that lets its users create multi-level experiences for the e-commerce sites. It allows the users to manage the content, interface, Plug-ins, and catalogs of their online stores. The great part about using Magento is that the SEO gets better as Magento comes with SEO tools and techniques. All you need to know is- How to take the best advantage of Magento SEO resources for boosting visibility and driving traffic to your pages.

Magento SEO

It goes without saying that users land on a search engine to find the best products. So, it is to be ensured that your product/store lands in the top searches. It needs a strong SEO though! A high ranking site will bring-in more traffic and ultimately more revenue.

Here we have some techniques for Magento SEO that are capable of driving in higher sales :

1. Create unique content

Crisp and unique content is one ingredient that Search engines love! Make sure you do not have any duplicates in the content that you are posting online. Ensure that your content is evenly distributed with meta tags, strong keywords, clear and precise. Above all, it should be at par to the SEO standards.

2. Select a high-quality host

The biggest con of using low-quality hosts is that the websites become slower to load. The result is that the search engine will penalize you! Magento comes with Bluehost which is already a benchmark host!

3. Use appropriate page titles

This is a twin-edge sword! A page title can either make your SEO strategy or break your SEO strategy.Page titles are pretty clear in Magento, but you can still modify the meta description and page title to rank better on Google. If you were not paying attention to this aspect still, make sure this is the first move now!

4. Improve Click-through rate by using Magento extensions

One way to increase CTR almost instantly is by applying data mark-ups to the webpages of your eCommerce store. MSemantic is one Free Extension of Magento that allows better display on the search engines

5. Take the advantage of HrefLang Tag

When you are a global player, you direct products beyond the geographical limits. When the search engine detects changes of currency, it can automatically mark the page as Duplicate. To avoid these situations, Magento has a Hreflang tag to differentiate between the pages that have similar URLs.

This tag allows the users to efficiently divert the pages and content without reversing the SEO impact.

6. Optimize the product URLs

Product URLs are not the focus point generally, but from the SEO point of view, product URLs have a strategic use too! For instance, the target keyword in the URL can be a positive edge. Magento can help you create optimized links through its URL rewriting tool. Although there isn’t a foolproof formula for it, but here is what can make it better :

  • Use static URLs instead of “&,” “?”, and “=”
  • Use only lowercase letters.
  • Instead of using underscores (_), use hyphens (-).
  • Make use of more detailed keywords

7. Make your Canonical tags game stronger!

Canonical tags allow Google to find the master copy of the duplicate pages.This also helps in dealing with duplicate data.

To avoid the risk of duplicacy, Magento has got some really good features. It has a built-in canonical tool that will automatically allow the users to have canonical products and categories.

8. Seamless page Navigation

The best customer experience is not only providing the best products, but the right products too.

It is important that when a customer applies filters of various attributes (like color, price, size, style, etc.) they land on the products they are looking for. This feature of Layered Navigation will also allow search engines to crawl the web pages better!

Good news-Magento is pre-equipped with this feature!

9. Use of XML Sitemaps

These sitemaps are used by crawlers when they navigate your website. It also provides the information they require about the pages on your website. Sitemaps give a thorough list of URLs and the metadata that goes with them. These sitemaps are automatically generated by Magento to comprehend the structure of websites and effectively index the pages.

10. Product description and images must be to the point

E-commerce websites need graphics, but they also slow down the site speed. Thus, it’s best if you shrink the file to a maximum of 100 KB. Additionally, You should utilize alt tags to describe your photos so that search engines can better grasp what’s inside them.

In a similar vein, the undesired content may hinder search functionality on the page. To make it easier for customers to find your products, make sure you use common search terms together with clear and crisp descriptions that are appealing at the same time. Because they do not know the cruciality of this aspect, the majority of online store owners do not take advantage of this element


All these things might sound like a task, but they can actually bring wonderful changes to the regular SEO results. The SEO process is dynamic. To increase website traffic and increase sales, you must constantly make changes. This eCommerce solution can assist you in achieving your objectives, whether you’re hoping to open your first online store or grow your current company.

Magento is an SEO-friendly platform with a pool of opportunities. There are numerous advantages to Magento SEO optimization too. The flexibility and ease of use of a Magento website helps businesses cut expenses while growing faster. Additionally, Magento performs a lot of unconventional search engine optimization (SEO) tasks to increase the online exposure of your company to search engines and customers.

Retailers and business owners from all around the world thrive to get better in the race. But, as the common saying goes- ‘Everything that glitters is not gold’. Choosing the best resource/combination of resources for your online business is a crucial decision because a larger part of the revenue depends upon these decisions.

The bottom line is that the effort you are going to put in for the development of your online store with Magento – It is all going to be worth it!