Migration to Magento 2: What to know for your eCommerce


For Magento1 users probably you are looking forward to switching on Magento2. It is important for you to understand the time, cost and functionalities for overall your project development in Magento2.

Magento2 benefits

Magento2 was released in 2015 as the latest version of Magento. It will update fix some of your issues in Mageno1 and with the new version your e-commerce store will enhance and you can include new features and functionalities to your store. Mageno2 offers some benefits that resolve issues may be encountered in Mageno1 as:

1. Performance improvement

Magento2 sites will load and run faster on average 20% as compared to the Magento1 sites. The reason behind is the improvised version and performance of Mageno2. Highly performant sites have proven to increase your store sales and increase the SEO ranking of your product page as per product ranking.

2. Checkout process

If your e-commerce is developed in mageno1 then probably you are aware of the 6 steps process of checkout and Mageno1 offers a simple checkout process and instant purchase feature. Purchase merchants can now offer faster checkout process experience to the customer by using previously-stored payment credentials.

3. Improved Admin Interface

If you using the Mageno1 admin panel and having the non-technical background but Magento2 offers a clean, user-friendly experience where it will help the user to manage the admin section well as per their needs to manage the store.

4. Mobile-Friendly

Most of the customers use their smartphones or tablets to purchase the product online so it is imperative to have a mobile responsive site. Mageno2 makes mobile commerce priority and which further improve the user interface of your store. Another reason why Magento2 is mobile friendly is the interaction if offers with Google Universal Analytics. It allows the use of new tracking code to improve data collection and monitoring of the code which works for online and offline devices.

Is it important to migrate your Mageno1 site to Magento2?

If you are running your store in Mageno1 that is important for you to know that Magento announced they will be ending support for Magento1 in June 2020 as long as the license has extended to align with the date.

Other important aspects should be considered if you stay on Magento1:

  • Security patches will not be produced for these products once the support of Mageno1 ends.
  • As your Magento1 code grows old there are chances of attacks or hacks on your store.

Expectations from Magento2

If you are planning to migrate your Magento1 store to Magento2 then here are some important things which you should keep in mind.

  • Magento1 to Magento2 involves changing the database structures, theme and working with new API.
  • You need the expert developer to manage your database to avoid data loss and downtime. Here are a few considerations for the migration.

Basic plan before migration

  • Review your extensions and your store data.
  • Use replicated Magento 1.x database as the source data for your migration.
  • Start your migration with the Data Migration Tool which will further migrate your catalogs, orders shipment and your core configuration.
  • Migrate your Magento1 theme to Magento2 and if you want to change you can change it with a new theme as well.
  • Update data.
  • Go live.


You are looking to enhance your store speed and functionalities which further boost your sales lead then you need to migrate your Magento1 to Magento2.

Features include secure payments, Backup/Rollback system, Scalability and many more.

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