Dear Valued Visitors, We are excited to announce that our company, formerly known as Seven Webepower , will now be operating under the new name of Pin Blooms Technology Pvt. Ltd.





  • Maintain the frontend design the same as the existing website.
  • Migrate complete data into the new website.
  • Recognize and migrate complete customized functionality in the M2 website.
  • Manage SEO aspects.
  • Maintain the site speed as we have on the M1 website.


  • We review the M1 website and the existing data for the migration from M1 to M2.
  • Set the development environment for both M1 and M2 websites.
  • Complete the configuration and start the migration data
  • After migrating data, we tested the migrated data in m2 and compared it with m1
  • After this, it’s ready to migrate the third-party module data.
  • For the frontend design, we followed the M1 website design and create the frontend theme from scratch where we considered all frontend functionality and customization.
  • For SEO aspects we ensure that all the metadata also migrated properly.
  • To maintain the speed, we optimized the code and follow the speed optimization instructions.