MK Whistles deliver the best instrument tin whistle which is easy accessible, affordable, portable, and almost indestructible. Actually, the founder of MK Whistles wants to migrate the existing website into a new website (M1 to M2)


  • Maintain the frontend design of the new website, so the customers do not recognize the older version of the website.
  • Migrate complete data as well and recently generated data.
  • Recognize all the complete customized functionality to migrate to the M2 website.
  • Maintain and optimize the site speed of the new version of the website.
  • Manage SEO aspects


  • First, we review the M1 website and existing data and prepare the statics about available data.
  • Finalize how to do that migration and use Magento’s data migration tool.
  • Setup the development environment for both M1 and m2 websites.
  • Complete the configuration and start the migration.
  • After the first migration, we will test the migrated data in m2 and compare it with m1.
  • Then we migrate the third-party module data.
  • After migrating all data we review the complete migrated data and compare it with m1 as we check the data on the frontend to ensure migrated not break any functionality.