Survival cave food


Survival Cave Food provides survival food to their customer that is the finest wholesome, nutritious, easy to prepare long-lasting, and a great taste. They also manufacture and offer canned meats and with an infinite self live. Actually, the founder of Survival Cave Food wants to migrate the existing website into a new website (M1 to M2).


  • Maintain the frontend design which same as the existing website.
  • Migrate complete data as well as generate new data.
  • Recognize and migrate the complete customized functionality in the M2 website.
  • Maintain the site performance in the new website. Manage SEO aspects


  • To migrate the data from M1 to M2, we first review the existing website and data. Then we prepare the static about available data.
  • Finalize the data migration tool.
  • Setup the development environment for M1 as well as the M2 website.
  • Complete the configuration and start the migration.
  • After the first migration, we tested the migrated data in m2 and compare it with m1.
  • Then it’s ready to migrate the third module data. After migrating all the data, we reviewed the complete data and compare it with the existing website to check the functionality.
  • For the frontend design, we followed the existing website design.
  • We created the frontend theme from scratch where we considered all the functionality & customization for the frontend.
  • For SEO aspects we ensure all the metadata also migrated properly.
  • To maintain the website speed, optimize the code and follow the speed optimization instructions.