Popular PHP Frameworks in 2019


Website development has become more complex and demanding overtime in this era. As most software developers will suggest you, PHP frameworks are the building block tools that give life to those sites, and as a result, almost 80% of the web pages on the internet are backed by PHP frameworks.

In this article, we have arranged for you a list of best PHP frameworks out there.

Popular PHP Frameworks in 2019

  1. What is the Framework?
  2. What is the use of the framework?
  3. Top Php Frameworks?
  4. Which framework is right for you?

1. What is Framework?

A Software Framework is a platform for developing software applications and programs. A framework provides code that established an ideal complete application that knows “what” to do but doesn’t know
“how” to do it. The specific action (the “how”) is supplied later in a systematic way by the programmer.

For example, a framework may include predefined classes and functions that can be used to process input, manage the hardware devices and interacts with the software.

2. What is the use of the Framework?

A framework is not necessary: it is “just” one of the tools that is available to help you to code fast and better with the best of application response.

Better, because it provides the business logic and follow the rules according to the requirement of the project and maintain the code accordingly.

Faster, because it allows the programmer to maintain and reuse the module and focus on the other areas.

But it’s hard without the framework to develop a complicated project. However, once a framework is learned, future projects can be faster and easier to complete.

3. Top Php Frameworks?

PHP, or hypertext preprocessor, is an open-source server-side programming language. It is extremely popular, too and almost 80% of all the websites using PHP. Using PHP frameworks, therefore, saves time to develop the web application from scratch.

So, do you know which framework you need to create a great app in 2019? Readout!!!!!

Choosing a PHP framework

To choose the best PHP framework for the application development you must answer these questions

  • What functionalities and components do I need from the framework?
  • What is the learning curve from the framework you are choosing?
  • What are the future aspects of the framework?
  • Is there a large community around the particular framework?

Keeping all these questions in your mind we are shortlisted all the best frameworks in 2019 for you.

1. Laravel

Introduced in 2011, Laravel has become the most popular, free open-source PHP framework in the is flexible enough to handle difficult web applications in less time when compared to other frameworks. The reason for its wide popularity is to ease of use and fast response of the application.

Reason to use Laravel

  • Laravel is highly expressive, and its speed and better security are in line with expectations for a modern web application software.
  • Laravel is also compatible with third-party platforms and libraries. A good example is Amazon Web Services, which can develop a highly scalable web application.

2. Codeigniter

Codeigniter works with MVC architecture and suitable for developing dynamic websites. Codeigniter is the go-to framework for developers who want to develop their projects quickly.

Reasons to use Codeigniter framework

  • Codeigniter is a lightweight framework is being used by it with accurate performance in mind.
  • Built-in security tools.
  • If you are looking at the framework that requires the little coding, Codeigniter would be the best choice.

3. Zend

The Zend framework is completely object-oriented and based on features such as interfaces and inheritance.

Zend has also partnered with major companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft. Apart from this, this framework is also compatible with IT departments and banks.

Reasons to use Zend framework

  • Support for AJAX.
  • Support the third-part components.
  • Support API, data encryption and session management.

4. Symfony

The symphony framework was launched in 2005. This framework can create web applications fast.
Symfony is flexible, so it is compatible with bigger projects like Drupal and develops large enterprise projects.

Reasons to use the Symfony framework

  • Long term support for the application.
  • Install and configure it most of the platforms
  • It boasts the database engine independences.

5. Yii2

The Yii framework which stands for Yes, it is! – is, in fact, simple and evolutionary. This framework is designed in such a way that makes it capable to support the AJAX and caching.

With Yii2 developers ensure the extensible and efficient web application.

Reasons to use Yii2 framework

  • If you looking to develop the application with less time and handle errors of the project efficiently.
  • No need to worry about the integration with a third-party application.

6. CakePHP

CakePHP was the first framework of the PHP which was released in 2005. CakePHP is the easiest framework to learn because of its CRUD operation.

CakePHP is completely free to use whether it is for personal or commercial use.

Reasons to use CakePHP framework

  • Built-in rules for Validation.
  • Zero configuration required.
  • Support for high-level security against the threat.

7. Phalcon

Phalcon is a different framework from other PHP frameworks because its coding is based on C and C++.
Phalcon framework is written in the C programming language. Phalcon is one of the fastest PHP frameworks.

Reasons to use Phalcon framework

  • Developer friendly PHP framework.
  • Phalcon features include increased execution speed, asset management and caching.
  • If you are looking to develop the fast website, try Phalcon.

8. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is one of the fastest, flexible, full-stack PHP framework released in 2011. It supports the MVC pattern to develop the web application and provides better business logic.

Reasons to use FuelPHP framework

  • The important aspect is HMVC implementation, Restful implementation, URL routing configuration.
  • Enhance the security updates with the developed application.
  • FuelPHP recommended developing the high-performance application.

9. Slim

The Slim framework is one of the popular frameworks in PHP. It is one of the useful frameworks to develop dynamic web APIs and provides easy steps to build web APIs. Recently the Slim version 4.1.0 released.

Reasons to use the Slim framework

  • Lightweight for the application components.
  • Easy to create Dynamic APIs.
  • Well organized documents for the project.

10. PHPixie

PHPixie is an open-source, lightweight PHP framework that uses the easy implementation to develop the web-based project quickly. It is a good option for the development of small-scale web apps.

Reasons to use PHPixie framework

  • Security for the entire application.
  • Support HMVC architecture.
  • Support the advance databases.
  • Advance Routing configuration.

4. Which Framework is right for you?

Hopefully, the above article has helped introduce you to the 10 frameworks of PHP, along with the features. Ultimately choosing the framework is fully dependent on your project requirements.
We suggest you to first go to the software consulting company before choosing the right framework for your business. If you have any doubts regarding this article or framework you can feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you.