Dear Valued Visitors, We are excited to announce that our company, formerly known as Seven Webepower , will now be operating under the new name of Pin Blooms Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Privacy Policy

We know the value of privacy in business dealings. We secure confidential information at all times.We assure that the data of our client is 100% secure with us.

Our Privacy policy shows how we collect, store and use the information given by user online. The personal information (like e-mail address, name, phone and address) is not misused. It is used only to send promotional emails periodically about new products, special offers or other information which we think you may find interesting.

Acceptance and Delivery

After geting scope and complete requirement from client we provide exact quotation & time frame and time to complete the projects. Accordingly work is distributed between the teams. For every project, we allocate a project manager who is responsible for weekly or daily conferences with the management and for the work updates. The Payments process is done according to the signed agreement.

Change of Terms and Conditions

Pin Blooms Technology has the right to change the terms & conditions declare in the document. The client is going to be informed of revisions as and once they are issued.


Pin Blooms Technology provides 180 days support after deliver the product. In this warranty period if the client finds an error in the code or the website is not working, then we will correct the errors that we made in the development at no extra cost.

What are cookies?

Scared of Cookies? First of all, the cookies on this website are not to harm you or scare you. Cookies are nothing but small files to make your internet browsing a more soothing and user-friendly experience. They will not save your personal data and pass on to someone else with the intention to harm you. Please be assured that hey are there to make your browsing easier and safer. There are basically three types of cookies: analytics cookies, service cookies and third party advertising cookies. Service cookies mainly store login details and third party cookies mainly track your browsing history. So, you don’t have to remember your login every time. Imagine, getting relevant advertisements for your desired products based on your browsing history. Every person is unique and who does not want a customized experience. As per the new EU cookie law, you have to allow the website to run the cookies.

How to use the cookie?

You will allow the cookie to run if you click on “Allow” button in this message. Just a simple click on this button would mean that you have given your consent to a better and personalized browsing experience. To remove this message and enable cookies, click Allow Cookies. Then, this particular message window will close down automatically.

Types of cookies:

Just have a brief look at the types of cookies and their functions:

Analytical Cookies:

They analyze the traffic to the website, so that one can analyze and improve the website. They are for internal improvement of the website.

Third Party Cookies :

They track the browsing history so as to give you a customized web experience next time. Personal data is never compromised.

Functional Cookies:

They are very important to the proper functioning of the website. They get erased automatically when the browser is closed.