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There is a pleasant surprise in the market of SEOs and Webmaster they saw vast changes in terms of their rankings, Google Algorithm Updated on November twenty second about. The story of behind scene is, It was a national holiday and there were no much more traffic on holidays. So, there was a need for Google algorithm updates. So what is Google algorithm and why is it so important? So here we have a trending story that Google search ranking algorithm has been updated on the day of thanksgiving.

Google algorithm updates are an important task for Google. However there area unit several claims of associate degree update, probably a reversal of the Medic Update for a few that were originally hit on August first.

Here is a few of the chatter from each Webmaster World and Black Hat World round the changes within the Google search results:

google algorithm update

  • Next very big hit this night. SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) are upside down and not for the best ( yes for the best for Google ads but not for users ) In our niche it seems that all the sites that has been hit by penguin are back. It was one of the major Google algorithm update.
  • Traffic off a cliff but rankings seems to be holding steady. Most Americans are no begrudgingly eating Turkey with families so I’m not going to worry until next week. Thanks to the Google algorithm updates 2018.
  • We saw spike in traffic at 5 pm EST yesterday (+>100% of same day last week) after which traffic continued at about +20% from pre-spike traffic levels. It was all about the magic of Google algorithm updates. It’s time for some Google algorithm changes. Overall the day ended down 4% (as compared to same day last week) But it is Thanksgiving, so
  • 4% down is like 20% up But it is Thanksgiving, and traffic patterns are bound to be unusual. Conclusion, we’ll have to wait and see, things looks normal so far today but it’s early morning still.


  • So, now what are Google updates? Have a look at the seo latest news. After a drop in traffic Wed through to Sat I saw a return to normal levels yesterday – as expected must have been an effect of thanksgiving , black Friday etc and many are back to work they are wasting company time by internet browsing again (thankfully). This story has been clearly indicted by latest seo updates 2018. This is the latest Google seo news and the trending story of Google algorithm update November 2018.
  • Health niche here seeing a huge ROLLBACK of 1st August. Most of the dropped keywords are going up again since yesterday, but mostly today. Gained plus 30-40 contemporary users in analytics real-time statistics. Now, you see the importance of Google algorithm updates.
  • Getting huge re-gains here. It’s like a “recovery update” for me loll same here. Back to pre-August figures. Even better. It would not have been possible without Google algorithm updates 2018.

I see nowhere else talking about it. We’ve made a ton of changes since August both technical and quality (EAT). This was the Google strategy for Google search algorithm update 2018. Could this be a reward update only for few? Did you make any changes the past months?

So what was the deal? Was there a calculation refresh? Is it safe to say that it was simply ordinary moderate occasion movement? All the credit goes to Google algorithm updates changes. I think it was a blend of the majority of this. I presume a few destinations can see recuperation to past updates. Yet additionally the occasion days truly makes it difficult for me to gauge the prattle in the discussions.

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After 22- November-2018 Google Algorithm Updates :

  1. Google Hummingbird
  2. Google Mobile Friendly Update
  3. Google Panda Update
  4. Google Penguin Update
  5. Google Pigeon Update
  6. Google Payday Update
  7. Google Pirate Update
  8. Google EMD Update
  9. Google Top Heavy Update